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Athletics - World Challenge is very similar to the classic game 'Track and Field.' In this game, you can participate in many different Olympic events, like the 100-meter dash, javelin, pole vault, triple jump, and more.

In total, Athletics - World Challenge has 10 different events. Each has its own gameplay, though they're all fairly similar. In 'Track and Field,' for example, you have to push the buttons as fast as you can to run more quickly. Luckily (for your device's screen), this game requires precision more than it does speed.

As always, some events are easier than others. In sprints, for example, all you have to do is keep pressing the buttons with an even rhythm in order to run. In javelin or hammer, however, you need to keep an even balance between your force and aim.

Athletics - World Challenge is a simple but fun sports game. The same goes for its graphics, which are simple and pixelated but perfect for the game.
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